eu sou muito tímido, feliz, gente boa, chef, whovian!!... ټ ツ ㋡ ☺ ♨ ¤ ☆
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  • doctorpuppet:

    30 Days of Doctor Who Day 19:What’s your favorite Doctor Who-related youtube video?  Doctor Puppet

    "Time is running out! Can you find them?"

    Oh my goodness! This has to be one of my favorite GIF sets ever. Thanks! :)

  • cardinalcapaldi:

    Clara: You’ll catch a cold if you stand out in the rain like that.

    The Doctor: I’m fine.

    Clara: Come on, don’t be like that. We can share.

    (via oswinyoswaldy)

  • doctorwho:


    Robots are the topic of the premiere of The Real History of Science Fiction, airing tonight, Saturday, April 19th, following the season premiere of Orphan Black.

    Narrated by Mark Gatiss, The Real History of Science Fiction will definitely cover Daleks and Cybermen!

    Airing at 10/9c on BBC America.